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Teton Science School

"Children should be inventors of their own theories, critics of others' ideas, analyzers of evidence, and makers of their own personal marks on this most complex world." - Deborah Miller, legendary inner-city principal

Fifth graders from Edith Bowen have been attending Teton Science School since the spring of 1990--a tradition that spans three decades and is an integral part of the Edith Bowen Laboratory School experience.  Teton Science School engages students in real field-based science, fosters relationships, builds community, and provides leadership skills for our students--all of which pay dividends both in the classroom and life.  Our fourth grade overnighter to Swanson's North Fork Environmental Center each spring helps prepare students and parents for the Teton Science School.  And the Teton Science School expereince helps prepare students for the sixth grade five-day San Juan River/Canyon Country Discovery Center experience.  

KSL News story on EBLS at Teton Science School

October 2021 Information

Students will travel to Teton Science School on USU mini buses and CCSD yellow buses. 

All students are required to wear masks on buses and while inside facilities at Teton Science School.

This fall for COVID precautions we will be at the Teton Science School (TSS) "Jackson Campus" located in Wilson, Wyoming.  This is a modern facility with separate rooms and bathroom facilities for each student. Girls and boys will be in separate buildings and chaperones will be housed at the end of each hallway.  Students must have a negative COVID test within one week of departure (more details below).

Mrs. Stewart's class (October 17-20)--Departs Sunday at noon from the EBLS parking lot and returns to EBLS Wednesday evening about 5 PM.  
Mrs. Farmer's class (October 20-23)--Departs on Wednesday morning at 6:30 AM and returns to EBLS by about 4 PM on Saturday afternoon.

Cost per student is $390.  Contributions can made by cash or check in the office or by clicking on this LINK and scrolling down to Teton Science School.

Important Information and Parent To-Do List

Curriculum Connections and more

5th Grade Science

Travel Map (Note: Students will travel via bus)

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2021 Photo Updates



 Grand Teton National Park
Photo: Eric Newell
Photo: Eric Newell
Photo: Eric Newell
 Writing in the Tetons
Photo: Eric Newell
Photo: Eric Newell
Photo: Eric Newell