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San Juan River/Canyon Country Discovery Center

“Say that I starved, that I was lost and weary, that I was burned and blinded by the desert sun, footsore, thirsty, sick with strange diseases, lonely and wet and cold, but that I kept my dream!”  Everett Ruess, Artists, Writer, & Poet. 1914-1934

Camp. San Juan RiverSunset. Second night camp.  San Juan River.

2022-2023 School Year

Our sixth graders kick off the year by spending five days in southern Utah with the Canyon Country Discovery Center. This is a culminating experience students work towards from the time they enter kindergarten and builds upon their fifth grade experiences at Teton Science School.  Students spend their first night at the newly built Canyon Country Discovery Center (map) in Monticello, Utah learning about the Colorado Plateau and gazing through their massive telescope.  They then spend two nights three days camping and rafting the gentle currents of the San Juan River from Sand Island Campground (near Bluff) to Mexican Hat, Utah (map).  Along the way, students explore Ancestral Puebloan ruins and pictographs--immersed in the ancient civilizations aspect of the social studies curriculum and astronomical and ecosystem components of the science curriculum. There are also multiple math connections and a strong writing component.  

Professional river guides supervise our sixth graders along with four EBLS faculty members, bringing the student to adult ratio to about 3:1 while we are on the river.  All students will be required to wear Type V life jackets (which are provided) at all times on the water.  Students will be assigned to boys and girls tents with five to six students in each tent and chaperones in separate tents nearlby.  We chose September for this field experience for the lower, stable river flows, and cooler temperatures.

Fall 2022 San Juan Checklist

 1) Please fill out this RSVP form indicating if your student is participating or not. 
 2) Complete legal Waiver  
 3) Complete Medical Form 
 4) Make contribution (See parent letter below for costs and suggested donation amounts). If you need financial assistance, please contact Mr. Justis.

Important Information 

Fall 2022 Dates & Photo Updates
     Baggaley Sept 12-16
     Jenkins Sept 19-23

Depart Monday at 8:30 AM (please arrive by 8:15 AM).
Return to EBLS by 5 PM on Friday.

Photo archives from past years are linked below

Curriculum Connections

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Canyon Country Discovery Center Campus Map

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San Juan River Flows

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Road Map

Pictograph Tiger Wall. San Juan River.  Photo: Eric Newell

San Juan River Eight Foot Rapid.  San Juan River.  Photo: Eric Newell

 San Juan River, Utah  Photo: Eric Newell
 River House Ruin
 River House.  San Juan River.  Photo: Eric Newell

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