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Staff Directory

"My hope as a teacher is to always model excitement and learning, to have students see the genuine confusion, frustration, and joy I experience when we discover things together." - Ron Berger, An Ethic of Excellence: Building Craftsmanship with Students
Edith Bowen Laboratory School
6700 Old Main Hill
Logan, Utah 84322-6700

Phone: 435.797.3085
Fax: 435.797.3668

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School Administration

Name/Website Position Room Email
Nate Justis Director, Title IX Coordinator Main Office email
Dr. Laura Reina Assistant Director/Curriculum Director Main Office email
Jennifer Barton Business Manager Main Office  email
Annalee Ward Business Assistant  Main Office email
Clint Farmer Counselor EBLS 205A email
Linette Hlavaty  Child Nutrition Director Lunchroom email 
Dr. Eric Newell Director of Experiential Learning & Technology EBLS 137A email
Carolina Harward Head Secretary Main Office email
Kathy Beutler School Secretary Main Office email

School Faculty

Name/Website Position Room Email
Leslie Larsen Kindergarten EBLS 117 email
Shannin Kishbaugh 1st Grade EBLS 115 email
Shannon Rhodes 1st Grade EBLS 116 email
Jessica Hoggan 2nd Grade EBLS 119 email
Joey Kozlowski 2nd Grade EBLS 118 email
Cami Player 3rd Grade EBLS 216 email
Felicia Messervy 3rd Grade EBLS 218 email
Joel Lopez 4th Grade EBLS 220 email
Amanda Seifert 4th Grade EBLS 222 email
Jan Farmer 5th Grade EBLS 221 email
Nancy Stewart 5th Grade EBLS 219 email
Stuart Baggaley 6th Grade EBLS 135 email
Jennifer Jenkins 6th Grade EBLS 136 email
Barbara Jensen After School Club Director EBLS 139 email
Lisa Saunderson Art EBLS 137 email
Vaughn Larson Media Specialist EBLS 201 email
Rachel Anderson Media Assistant (Morning) EBLS 201 email
  Media Assistant (Afternoon) EBLS 201 email
Jill DeVilbiss Music EBLS 134 email
Leah Wendel Occupational Therapist EBLS 210 email
Analisa Smith PE/Movement EBLS Gym email
Hollie Downs RTI Specialist/Teacher EBLS 201 email
Emilee Garcia Spanish Language EBLS 214 email
Paula Richardson Speech/Language Pathologist EBLS 210 email
Dr. Rachel Fields Special Education EBLS 210 email
Elizabeth Ringo Special Education EBLS 210 email