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Our Mission


little boys pushing a cartThe mission of the Edith Bowen Laboratory School at Utah State University is to ensure high levels of learning for all elementary students, by providing a positive and engaging learning environment using effective evidence-based practice; to mentor pre-service teachers through instruction and classroom-based experiences; and to review, conduct, implement, and disseminate educational research.

We have had the privilege of working with the Edith Bowen team over the last few years.  Not only do we appreciate them as fine professionals but truly admire how they put the kids at the center of everything they do.  We have worked with leaders all over the world in helping them transform their organizations and performance.  Leadership is what always makes all the difference.  The magnitude of the transformation they took on, the pace of their progress, the degree of engagement with all their teachers, and most importantly, the dramatic improvement in results as evidenced by student performance — all of this achieved in such a short time is downright amazing!CANTRELL, HENRY + ASSOCIATES, LLC