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Special Events

"The most straightforward way to enhance students' academic background knowledge is to provide academically enriching experiences."  - Robert Marzano, Building Background Knowledge for Academic Achievement

We believe students should be active participants in their education.  Our teachers go the extra mile to create curriculum-based special events on and off campus that add interest and bring an element of joy to the learning process.  Many of these events are planned in cooperation with our humanities team and create opportunties for our students to understand the interconnectedness of the world.

Navajo dancers2016-2017 Events At Edith Bowen Laboratory School

Kindergarten Green Canyon
Hogel Zoo
Hardware Ranch Elk Refuge

Beaver Mt. Ski Day

Colonial Days

Around the School

Orchestra Concert

Blue Ribbon Celebration

Fun Park Activity

Mt. Man Rendezvous

Harry Potter Day

USU Women's Basketball Game

One School One Book

Veteran's Day Flag Ceremony

EBLS Presidential Elections

Teton Science School-Mrs. Farmer

Teton Science School-Mrs. K
American West Heritage Center

Lundstrom Park

Living Aquarium

Antelope Island

Natural Resources Days
Providence Canyon
Logan River
Merlin Olsen Park Field Experience
KSL News story on 4th Grade Hardware Ranch Service Learning

Hardware Ranch Service Learning Invasive Weeds Project
Staff Development Retreat 2016

2015-2016 Photo Archives

2nd Grade River Restoration/Tree Planting
Kindergarten: Providence Canyon

5th Grade Canoeing and Water Quality
School Muscial: Schoolhouse Rock (video)
5th Grade Rockets
School Musical: Schoolhouse Rock!
4th Grade Expedition! 2016
4th Grade USU STARS! Gear Up Greenpower Race
PTA Teacher Appreciation Week
1st Grade Bonneville Shoreline Field Experience

Bee Farm Field Experience

5th Grade Traits Field Experiences

4th Grade SLC Field Experience

3rd Grade Films: Gravity Fun, World of Gravity, & What is Gravity
4th Grade Architecture Project
Lantern House Homeless Shelter Service Learning

Kindergarten Green Canyon

Spelling Bee
Leadership Day Photos

Leadership Day Singing Video
Wax Museum
USU Head Football Coach Matt Wells

State Capitol Tour

Airport: Aviation and Gravity
Beaver Mountain Ski Day
Hardware Ranch Service Learning
Science Fair
Mountain Man Rendezvous
Colonial Days
Channel 4 Weather School
Navajo Dancers
Secret Agents Day of Coding
Honor Choir and Orchestra Concert
STEM and Safety at the pool
Terrace Grove Service Learning
Clark Planetarium
Harry Potter Day
Halloween Parade
Greenpower Electric Car Races
3D Design and Printing
Trumpet of the Swan Schoolwide Book Celebration
Jeff Mather, Artist in Residence