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Parking & Carpool

Kindergarten studentsBecause Edith Bowen Laboratory School is located on the Utah State University campus, finding a parking space is challenging.  Major construction projects beginning in May, 2016 will complicate parking and carpool for several years.  Please be patient with congestion.  

Carpooling with other EBLS parents is recommended for families living close to each other. Space for loading and unloading passengers at EBLS is limited. Students who live close to EBLS are encouraged to walk, bike, or ride the CVTD (Cache Valley Transit District).

The CVTD offers free transportation for all passengers. A bus stop directly in front of the Emma Eccles Jones Education Building drops‐off and picks‐up passengers at frequent intervals. Parents should inform the school if their child rides the CVTD bus. CVTD bus routes and schedules are available on the CVTD website

Edith Bowen Lab School administration and the Parking and Transportation Services Office meet regularly.  We are concerned about safety, convenience and your overall experience at USU.  We realize each of you lead very busy lives.  We want the best for you and your children.  Please let us know of your concerns and thoughts on these issues. 


If none of the above options are feasible, the following options are available for parking:

  • Parents may purchase a parking permit for the Blue coded parking lots (map) at a reduced rate of $80 per year (compared to the student Blue permit rate of $122). Parent permits expire on May 30​ of each year. These permits can be purchased from the USU Parking Office. 

  • Four reserved Edith Bowen stalls are now located in the Black color coded parking lot, adjacent to the Emma Eccles Jones Early Childhood Education and Research Center.  Parents and visitors may park in these stalls without a permit.  After parking in these stalls, please sign in at the front desk with your name, vehicle description and license plate.  If parents fail to do this, the car may be ticketed. There are two thirty-minute stalls and two one-hour stalls.

  • Four metered stalls are also available in the Black color coded parking lot described above. Parents with an EBLS permit may park in the metered stall for two hours maximum.  Parents without a permit must pay the metered rate.

  • RCDE/Visitor parking (12 stalls). There is a pay and display machine at this location.  The price is $1.50 per hour with a maximum of 8 hours.

  • Black permits are available at the parking office, $5 per day.

  • Big Blue Terrace (across from the HYPER building) is your best option if you are unsure of the amount of time that you will be spending at the school. The cost is $1.50 per hour. 

  • Tennis Court/Visitor parking area has twenty-two parking stalls. If you have a parent parking permit you do not have to pay at the machine. Signage indicates “Reserved for Tennis or Visitors”. The price without a parent permit is $1.50 per hour with a maximum of eight hours.

  • Maverick Stadium parking can be purchased for $35.00 per year. If you choose to park here you will either have to walk up the hill to the school or ride the USU Aggie Shuttle, which stops across the street from the Education Building.


Carpool - Dropping Off and Picking Up Students

When dropping off and picking up students please adhere to the new carpool map, effective for the 2017-2018 school year.

Dropping Off

For drop-off in the mornings, you are welcome to drive straight down 700 North and bypass the queueing area used for afterschool pick-up. Parents who want to escort their children to the building may use any of the parking options listed above.  Students should walk past the Edith Bowen sculpture on the west end of the school and enter the building through the main doors next to the flagpole in the courtyard on the north and west inside corner of the buidling.

Picking Up 

For pick-up after school, please turn west off of 1200 East onto 820 North.  After passing the tennis courts, make a left hand turn (marked with a large white arrow on the asphault). Then follow the large white arrows around the permimeter of the parking lot (along the tennis courts) before the line splits in the queing area (see MAP).  Please don't block throughways in the parking lot while you are moving through the carpool line.  EBLS staff will send cars forward as slots are available in the pick up zones along 700 North.  To avoid gridlock and frustrating other parents, please do not drive straight down 700 North and cut in front of the carpool line. Thank you in advance for your patience.

Special precautions should be taken when picking up children after school. Parents should drive slowly and follow the instructions of those supervising the student pick‐up procedure. For obvious safety reasons, drivers should not open their doors until they are next to the curb. When possible, drivers should turn off their car engines to reduce exhaust fumes (Idle Free Zone). Cell phones should not be used while driving in the pick‐up/drop‐off zones.