About Us


We value children and respect their curiosity and potential. We commit to providing a learning environment that allows and encourages children to explore connections between their learning and the world around them.


The mission of the Edith Bowen Laboratory School at Utah State University is to ensure high levels of learning for all elementary students, by providing a positive and engaging learning environment using effective evidence-based practice; to mentor pre-service teachers through instruction and classroom-based experiences; and to review, conduct, implement, and disseminate educational research.


The lab school concept was initially established in 1928, at what was known as the Whittier School. Over the years, the lab school concept developed and in 1958, in cooperation with the Logan City School District and Utah State University, a new building was dedicated on the university campus. That building bears the name of an influential Utah educator, Edith Bowen. A new state-of-the-art facility was dedicated in 2003.

Funds for the operation of the school come from three sources: (l) state public school funds allocated through the USOE; (2) state funds allocated through Utah State University; and (3) gifts and grants from state, federal, and private sources. No tuition is charged to students.

EBLS currently provides services for 300 students, enrolled in grades K-5, within the State of Utah. EBLS has two sessions of kindergarten and two classes for each grade, 1-5.

Each year, EBLS, in cooperation with the Department of Elementary Education at Utah State University, trains over 200 pre-service teachers preparing to become professional educators, as well as supporting several other departments/colleges on campus, including Special Education, Physical Education, Music, Psychology, and Business.

EBLS operates under the direction of the Edith Bowen Governing Board. EBLS believes the ideal climate for an elementary school should be a cross between Harvard and Disneyland, an atmosphere that provides for educational excellence, and yet also is viewed as being "the happiest place on earth."

Charter School

Click here to view the EBLS Charter document (pdf)

In 2006, EBLS became one of Utah's charter schools through the Logan City School District.
EBLS committed itself to fostering a diverse, interactive, and inviting school environment where the community of learners extends from kindergartners to adults. The school commits itself to building capable, life-long learners through developmentally appropriate education, applied research, and innovative educational practices.
Becoming a charter school involves following 7 purposes:
     1. continue to improve student learning
     2. encourage the use of different and innovative teaching methods
     3. create new professional opportunities for educators that allow them to participate in designing and implementing the learning program
     4. increase choice of learning opportunities for students
     5. establish new models of schools and new forms of accountability that emphasize measurement of learning outcomes and the creation of innovative measurement tools
     6. provide greater opportunities for parental involvement in management decisions at the school level
     7. expand public school choice in areas where schools have been identified for improvement, corrective action or restructuring under the No Child Left Behind Act


EBLS is a unique school, as we are first a laboratory school associated with Utah State University and also a charter school. Click to see what other organizations EBLS is affiliated with.